military entertainment unit
nincompoop &
co kg
all human

development of defective formats of spectacle in tensions between authenticity and effect, utopia and anachronism, over-affirmation and terror of irony, ingenious no-future romanticism and dead end plagiarism, casting show discipline and karaoke dilettantism, gender queerness and freak show deviance, concert and club, old blood and pasteurized milk of today. as well as yin and yang.

certified center of competence in the investigation of strange phenomena like radical chic, distinction fetishism, retro recycling and the sweat of rock and roll. great stamina, readiness for action, excellence in realization, customer orientation and bad english are among our guiding values. copyright-mafia, cycle and suffering are our declared enemies.

numerous years of expertise in qualitative real life testing of lousy guerilla marketing strategies in laboratory situations and on subcultural playgrounds – with particular attention to guiding values of the contemporary military-entertainment complex like pseudo, cool, talent and charisma – from their simulation through to drug-induced collapse.